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Pestech Australia manufacture products based on

Natural Pyrethrum Extract 


Join the smart growers and businesses returning to an insecticide that has been very effective for well for over 100 years…. natural pyrethrum. 

It’s still around because it works! Softly, quickly. 

Get a free sample to try — Phone: 1800 12345 7

Natural Pyrethrum: 

  • kills on contact - the pest dies within minutes
  • 1 day withholding period 
  • there is no insect resistance
  • mammals cannot develop chronic poisoning

Pestech products are used to control:

  • pests of fruit and vegetable crops, cut flowers and ornamental plants
  • stored food pests in food handling and processing premises
  • flying and crawling pests, indoors and outdoors

The products:

  • PyBo Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate for pests on plants
  • Picket Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate for stored food pests
  • Drift Ready-to-use Industrial & Domestic Insecticide for fogging or misting


Natural pyrethrum - it works, softly, quickly