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‘Synergy’ is a word used for all types of increased performance where 2+2 equals more than 4.   Pyrethrum extract is very expensive so synergising it with a lower cost material makes good financial sense. Theoretically, say it takes a level of 10 pyrethrins to kill a pest when used alone, if, by adding even 4 to 6 times as much of a low cost synergist you can then kill the pest with a level of say 3 pyrethrins — that is cost/effective synergism.


By adding a low cost chemical that reduces the insect’s natural ability to breakdown or oxidise high priced pyrethrum, you can kill the pest for much less money.


The synergist we use is piperonyl butoxide which is not an insecticide but a very effective anti-oxidant which greatly reduces the insect’s ability to detoxify not only pyrethrins but other insecticides. It saves money without increasing hazard to us mammals.

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