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Py-Bo Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate

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Product Description

The facts: APVMA Approval: 53738/54292 80g/L Natural Pyrethrins 480g/L piperonyl butoxide

For spraying: dilute 1ml with 1 litre of water (1L makes1000 L of spray solution. For misting or ULV application, try 5ml/ litre

Natural Pyrethrum is the world’s oldest and most versatile insecticide. PyBo has Australian government approval for use against an exceptionally wide range of insects in almost all situations..... Because it is proven to be effective; the claims are justifed.
There are three main categories of uses:

1. Plant pests — ALL crops

1 day withholding; spray today, eat tomorrow Kills by contact only. Dead insects in 5-25 minutes Compatible with fungicides and foliar fertilizers Petroleum solvent-free to minimize leaf burn special protective clothing is unnecessary Re-enter crop as soon as the last droplet settles humans, mammals, birds cannot develop chronic poisoning symptoms

The Label Says...

Fruit and vegetable crops, cut flowers and ornamental plants. (No MRL is set for use on herbs)

Aphids, ants, cabbage moths and other caterpillars,earwigs, leafhoppers,thrips, white flies
plant pests

2. Pests in All Buildings

Yes, ALL buildings. Commercial buildings include food processing factories, warehouses, hospitals, agricultural buildings, including high density animal production sheds and external areas associated with such establishments. See the label box below to check that your building and pest is covered.

Use through misting or other ULV equipment to kill everything that flies, including grain pests. Spray to kill the crawling pests such as cockroaches, earwigs, ants Kills by contact in minutes; No residues to contaminate The Pybo concentrate can be diluted with either water or oils, depending on your need and equipment

The Label Says...

Domestic, commercial, industrial and public buildings, including: food processing establishments, shops, factories, hotels and motels, ships and shipping containers, offices, schools, storerooms, warehouses, hospitals, barracks, private houses and external areas associated with such establishments. Agricultural buildings, including storage sheds, milking sheds, other high density animal production sheds, barns, kennels and stables.

Mosquitoes, flies, midges, ants, silverfish, moths, cockroaches, grain weevils, spiders, earwigs, beetles and other flying insects.

building pests

3. Party Pests

Natural Pyrethrum has a unique double action and is of double value in controlling the flying and biting insect pests around people and food at parties, BBQs, and outdoor events because......

The Label Says...


Adult mosquitoes, midges, flies and other flying insects
party pests

Want to talk about your pest problem?

Phone our entomologist, or, send him an email... py@pestech.com.au Natural Pyrethrum is so versatile, it could be your answer to an insect problem that requires rapid kill without contamination or hazard to peoples pets, livestock and plants. If it isn’t, we’ll say so.