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Free Trial

How to get a free bottle of PyBo to try.

Py-Bo Free Trial

Just phone me on 1800 12345 7

Let’s discuss your insect problem, ...to see if PyBo is your solution 

If you are a commercial grower, this is basically what I’ll ask you to do: 

  1. Before you spray, check that you have insects to kill right now
  2. Estimate the population density (av. number of insects per leaf, etc.)
  3. Mix up a tank, diluting the concentrate at 1 ml/litre
  4. Spray a few metres of your crop using your usual technique... then stop
  5. Go back and have a good look at the pests within 30 minutes. (No longer)
  6. You should find dead or dying insects.


Thrips, aphids, whiteflies and other small, soft bodied insects that have been hit with droplets will be dead within 5 minutes. Larger insects such as caterpillars, should be showing distress and most will be dead in 15-20 minutes.

Dead and affected insects means the PyBo has worked; if you also see live insects, it means you haven’t contacted all of them with the spray droplets. By altering the angle of the nozzles or maybe changing the nozzle size, you might significantly improve the result (fine mists swirl around and don’t always settle, particularly on the undersurfaces).

Once you’ve made changes to your spraying system, test another few metres of your crop. If you then get better than a 90% kill, that’s the way you’ll do it from then on.

I’ve helped growers who thought they’d never get on top of their thrip, whitefly and other troublesome insect invasions. They’ve changed their minds, changed their control program and they no longer have a problem. The sample of PyBo is for you to test and measure the results for yourself. Once we’ve discussed your pest/crop on the phone, and  agree on the trial procedure, I’ll send you a 250ml sample of PyBo Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate, enough to make 250 litres of spray. If it doesn’t suit you, don’t buy any.

If it does work, maybe you’ll buy in commercial quantities.

Ion Staunton

P.S. If you have a business that needs the safety and fast efficacy of PyBo Natural Pyrethrum Insecticidal Concentrate, give me a call.
You may be a food processor, warehouser, run high density animal production, etc — PyBo is registered for use in any building, ships or shipping containers. I have many years of multiple insect control experiences; I can help you solve your problems. 1800 12345 7