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Chronic poisoning?

Laboratory testing of rats, mice, dogs, rabbits and other mammals has been unable to accumulate levels of pyrethrins that would begin to show chronic poisoning symptoms. This has been the situation for a hundred years. Early history showed the Chinese used pyrethrum as a cure for tapeworms and other worms in human stomachs and intestines... no deaths reported.

Mammals (and birds) are able to quickly metabolise and eliminate pyrethrum; even very high doses were gone within 24 hours and there were no observed after effects. Some people may be allergic and yes the concentrate should be handled with the respect every insecticide deserves because it can irritate the soft skin of nasal, eye and reproductive areas. Many dogs are regularly bathed in pyrethrum washes; poultry and prized caged birds,which have a faster metabolism than mammals, have been completely dunked in it to kill mites and lice.

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